Nursery Wall Art 2021

Nursery Wall Art 2021 - Pompom Prints

Need inspiration in selecting beautiful nursery wall art for your toddler’s bedroom? No worries! We’ve got you covered! In this write-up, we'll give you a guided tour of our most popular themed prints to fit your little one's bedroom. Our prints are unique, fun, and great for learning and development. It's important to select a theme that suits your child's personality and brings comfort to their own little space. Below, we have handpicked some of our favorite and most popular themes. Let us help you choose a theme perfect for your little bundle of joy.

Safari Jungle

The majority of toddlers have an intense love for animals. Your child is likely be one of them. If so, this collection is a perfect fit. It focuses on adventurous minds and love for animals. It doesn’t matter whether you have a boy or a girl. It's gender neutral.

The Safari Jungle collection has been our most popular theme so far this year. Looking at the colourful illustrations, it's easy to see why this one ranks high on the list. We have created these to captivate your child's mind and to serve as a learning aid. These jungle-inspired prints very much set the scene to customise and decorate your childs bedroom in your own unique way.

There are so many directions you could take this. A quick google google search and you have, bedsheets, rugs and a viariety of accessories to compliment this wonderful collection. It's worth noting that simplicity is key. It's easy to over do this one. Be selective with accessories - it's easy to aquire clutter! We have designed the safari Jungle prints to be simplistic but classy with a little jungle flare.

safari jungle nursery wall art

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Little Woodland Animals

The majority of children love outdoor walks. They also love the thrill of exploring wildlife in its natural habitat. If your child is one of those, then you have got the right wall art here. The Woodland Animal prints are appealing to toddlers. It is a creative and fun way to add character to the animals they already know and love.

The Little Woodland Animals collection is similar to the Safari Jungle. It builds connection with animals. This is yet another popular collection and many parents have gone on to adopt it for their kids bedroom. What better way to help kids build a connection with these wildlife creatures we often see and watch on TV?

Teepees are popular and kids love playing in them. It is a perfect addition to a woodland animal themed room. Why not add our beautiful woodland animal characters to the wall? Our prints also come complete with an optional inspirational quote.

woodland animals nursery wall art

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If your children live and breathe the seaside, you'll definitely love our Nautical wall art. Who wouldn't? it's the perfect addition if you're looking to create a seaside themed room.

It has a simplistic look with a touch of the ocean and looks beautiful with wooden clad walls. If this sounds dooable, you are good to go with our gorgeous Nautical Prints Collection.

It tends to appeal to boys due to the dominant blue color scheme. However, dont let that stop you! If your child loves seaside life, then this Collection is for you regardless of their gender.

nautical seaside nursery wall art

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Girls' love ballet! There's nothing more sweet than watching your daughter glide around her room with grace. So, for all the little girls out there, a pink ballerina themed room is the perfect fit. Pink throws, cushions, and walls are essential to a ballerina style girl's bedroom.

Our ballerina wall art collection would be the perfect addition to this style of room. You'll find beautiful hand-drawn ballerina characters available in our shop with either a letter of choice or a personal name.

Imagine hanging their very own little ballerina shoes next to our ballerina characters.

Ballerina Nursery Wall Art

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Hot Air Balloons

The hot air balloons are yet another popular collection. Filled with colour and wonder. This is a nice fit for girls and boys who love baloons and things that fly! The hot air balloons feature different kinds of teddy bears that your children will love. All children love cuddle teddys, even when grown up. So this is a great choice of wall art to put in your little one's bedroom. It's fun and safe choice.

Hot Air Balloon Nursery Wall Art

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Peter Rabbit

From Beatrix Potter a timeless print that will last for generations to come. Our beautiful Peter Rabbit prints can be customised with your little one's name or a choice of single letter.

This collection tends to be popular as a gift. We have had many mums report back that they were absolutely loved and brought tears to an eye (in a good way). You can see why, there is nothing more thoughtful than a personalised gift for a newborn.

This style of print tends to go best with a minimal style bedroom with pastel colours. What's great is we have both a boy and girl version of Peter Rabbit available.

Peter Rabbit is a great storytelling aid and promotes a sense of calmness in the world. It works great for young children starting their journey of learning.

Peter Rabbit nursery wall art

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Children love the idea of rockets. Seeing cartoons and comics where the good guys launch gigantic rockets to fend off the bad guys. It's exciting. And for this reason, rockets work well for many children.

Guess what? We have created the perfect rocket nursery wall art prints for your child's bedroom.

Picture our rocket prints in your home and how your toddler would react. That would be great right? Yes, we have designed this wall art to inspire adventure and exploration. Appealing to both genders, it's a great addition their bedroom.

rockets nursery wall art

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Counting Sheep

The sheep is one popular theme amongst our nursery wall art. It triggers your little one's love for animals and helps them bond with animals. Our counting sheep wall art would fit right into your child's room, promoting sleep and dreaming.

Counting sheep works well within a nursery rhyme themed room.

Sheep nursery wall art

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The majority of toddlers are fond of superheroes. They love watching Batman movies, Spiderman, Flash, and the rest of them. And how could we forget Captain America! What a wonderful thing it would be to have this custom art in their bedroom. Boy or girl, all kids love superheroes.

We designed this collection to captivate the minds of children and make their superhero world come alive.

superhero nursery wall art

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The unicorns are another wonderful collection we are proud of. In the Barbie movies, the unicorns always walk with princesses and princes. And kids just love listening to unicorn fairy tales.

You've got everything to love about this piece. Unicorns are friendly and inspiring. We offer these with a personal letter too! It appeals mostly to little girls and looks beautiful on the wall. Explore our beautiful Unicorns wall art for your child's bedroom.

unicorn nursery wall art

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There are many directions you could take when it comes to Nursery Wall Arts. Not only that, there are variety of sizes and ideas for you to pick from. We hope this guide has helped inspire you.

It's every parent's wish to create something special and personal for their children, especially for their bedroom.

We feel personalisation is key and a growing trend. And rightly so. Feel free to browse our personalised Collection and get something to keep in that life long baby box. We are sure there will be something in there for you or a loved one.

Do you have any suggestions? We would love to hear the ideas you have come up with for your kid. Drop your email to Stories and pictures are most welcome.

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